Round 05 France Free Practice


Rd05 フランスGP/ルマンサーキット: 2016年5月06日(金)

コンディション:ドライ 気温: 22℃  路面: 27℃

 2016年第5戦フランスGPが伝統のルマン、ブガッティサーキットでスタートした。午前と午後に各45分間のフリープラクティスが行われた金曜日の走行で、 IDEMITSU Honda Team Asiaの中上貴晶は総合7番手。チームメイトのラタパー・ウィライローは24番手タイムで初日のセッションを終えた。




中上貴晶 (7th, 1’38.094, +0.724)


ラタパー・ウィライロー (24th, 1’39.280, +1.910)




7th Fastest for Nakagami on Day1 in Le Mans, with Wilairot 24th

Rd05 Monster Energy Grand Prix de France: Friday, May06 2016

Weather: Dry
Ambient: 22℃:Track: 27℃

The fifth round of the 2016 season, the French GP got underway today at legendary Le Mans Bugatti Circuit with IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia rider Takaaki Nakagami setting seventh fastest, while his team mate Ratthapark Wilairot made steady progress, finishing the day with twenty-fourth position.

In the morning FreePractice1, Nakagami immediately set competitive lap time and concluded the session with ninth fastest. Wilairot kept improving his lap time despite suffering from pollen allergy and discomfort on his left finger. He had a harmless fell-off at turn7 in the final moments of the session.

In FP2, Nakagami continued his work on evaluating tires and improvement for braking to the entry of the corner, which he had to struggle in the morning. Wilairot improved his physical feeling by taking pill and putting bandage on his finger.

The next Moto2 session, Free Practice3 is set to start at 1055 local time (GMT +2) tomorrow morning and forty-five minute qualifying will commence in the afternoon at 1505.

Takaaki Nakagami (7th, 1’38.094, +0.724)

“This morning we started with the front suspension that we have tried Catalunya test on last Friday. I felt a little bit lack of stability and we swapped it to the standard one in the afternoon. I also tried super-soft and soft tire compounds, both of which felt good. We will finalize it tomorrow. In terms of partial time, I have to improve especially in sector4.”

Ratthapark Wilairot (24th, 1’39.280, +1.910)

“In this weekend, I suffer from pollen allergy. Also there is pain on my left finger, which I feel worse than last week. It made me difficult to hold the bike in braking. In FP2, I took pill and bandage on my finger, and my physical fitness has been improved. For tomorrow I have to improve in every area so we will work harder with my team.”

Tadayuki Okada - Team Manager

“This morning, Nakagami struggled especially in turning. When we swapped front suspension to the standard one, his riding has improved. We will go on this direction for tomorrow. For Ratthapark, he had crashed at the end of FP1 and we were relieved to know it was not the serious one. I believe it won’t hamper his concentration at all.”