Round 11 Czech Free Practice


Rd11 チェコGP/ブルノサーキット: 2016年8月19日(金)

気温: 25℃  路面: 35℃

 2週連続開催の第11戦チェコGPがブルノサーキットで始まった。Moto2クラスはウィーク初日の金曜にFP1とFP2の2回のセッションを行い、IDEMITSU Honda Team Asiaの中上貴晶が初日4番手につけた。チームメイトのラタパー・ウィライローは19番手タイムを記録した。

 IDEMITSU Honda Team Asiaの両選手は、約一ヶ月前の7月に、すでに同地で二日間のテストを実施している。今回のレースウィークでは初日からその際の成果を発揮し、中上は好調な走りを披露した。FP1ではトップタイムから僅差の3番手を記録。一方、ウィライローはセッション開始早々に7コーナーで転倒を喫してしまい、マシン修復でセッション残り時間を走行できなかったため、29番手だった。



中上貴晶 (4th, 2’02.466, +0.189)


ラタパー・ウィライロー (19th, 2’03.822, +1.545)




4th Fastest for Nakagami on Day1 at Brno
with 19th for Wilairot

Rd11 HJC Helmets Grand Prix České republiky : Friday, August 19 2016

Weather: Dry
Ambient: 25℃:Track: 35℃

IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia rider Takaaki Nakagami started the second one of two weeks’ back-to back races at Automotodrom Brno in very positive way with setting 2m02s466 today. His team mate Ratthapark Wilairot also posted strong 2m03s822 for the first day of this weekend in Czech Republic.

Having taken advantage of their last month’s two days testing in this track, Nakagami got a good feeling on their bike already in the morning FP1. He set third fastest in this session, only 0.166s adrift of the fastest rider. While Wilairot unfortunately sank to 29th due to the early crash at turn7, which made him stay in the box for the rest of the session to wait for repairing the bike.

In the afternoon, as the Japanese rider set very competitive lap time again, it is fair to say that he will be one of the favorite in this weekend. He was the fourth fastest for the combined time sheets. The Thai man also made a solid progress to compensate missing his session in the morning. He set nineteenth fastest for Friday.

Next Moto2 session, forty-five minutes FP3 is set to start at 1055 local time (GMT +2) tomorrow.

Takaaki Nakagami (4th, 2’02.466, +0.189)

“Although we took advantage of what we had tried in July’s two day testing, I still have a small issue in turning. When we improve this area, we will be able to fight for the victory on Sunday. To make it happen, tomorrow’s FP3 should be decisive. And for the qualifying in the afternoon, the bottom line is to keep the fourth fastest. For sure, I will try my best to get pole position.”

Ratthapark Wilairot (19th, 2’03.822, +1.545)

“If we hadn't crashed in the morning, our position and lap time could've been better. I made a decent session in FP2 but still miss something in every corner. Obviously, there are many rooms to improve and when we can do it, we will be able to try for top15.”

Tadayuki Okada - Team Manager

“Nakagami’s lap time is very close to the leaders, and when we improve turning of his bike, he will set more competitive lap time, which is the target for his FP3 session. For Ratthapark, his early crash in FP1 made him stay in the box for the rest of the session. It costed him a lot. For tomorrow, I hope he will utilize his experience in July’s test and find good setup for the race”